Shared Degrees  by  Bill Meridian
  First Trade horoscopes

First, I shall introduce the first-trade horoscope. It is set for the day upon which the stock is open for trading. This is not the IPO. The intial public offering usually takes place a day or two before the stock begins trading. The horoscope of incorporation has its use in describing the fundamentals within the company. It is not as useful as the first-trade chart in forecasting future price movements.

Shared Degree Areas in Tech Stocks

The technology group is our first example. IBM, Microsoft, Compaq, and Oracle are leaders in their fields. The first-trade charts all have some very close and dynamic aspects as shown in Chart 1 on the next page:


IBM (2/14/24):
Mars: 16 Sag 33     |    Jupiter: 16 Sag 03    |  Uranus: 16 Pis 14    |   Moon: 14 Gem 07.

Microsoft (3/13/86):
Sun: 22 Pis 43;       |      Mars: 22 Sag 23      |   Uranus: 22 Sag 17.

Compaq (12/10/85):
Sun:18 Sag 29        |     Uranus: 18 Sag 13.

Oracle (3/12/86):
Sun: 21 Pisces 43   |    Mars: 21 Sag 50        |    Uranus: 22 Sag 16.

These stocks and the overall market topped with the solar eclipse of March 9,1997 at 18 Pisces 31. The Mars station of April 27,1997 at 16 Virgo 44 occurred as these stocks hit lows and suddenly jumped into new uptrends. In late March, I forecast a jump in these stocks in an article on the internet. Jupiter was in mid-Pisces, approaching the tech shared-degree area with Venus. IBM at 104 3/8 gave daily and weekly technical buy signals. The combination of these signals and the two benefics activating the first-trade chart was an early warning of a run to the 120 area. Looking at the quad wheel, one can easily see the planets in the second and the third decanates of mutable signs that were energized.

It is easy to see how activity at 16 to 22 mutable would effect all of the horoscopes. By working with horoscopes from the same industry, one will see how the stocks are tied together in this fashion. Actually, there are many about 30 to 40 tech horoscopes with planets at these degrees including Dell, Digital Equipment, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Intuit, Lexmark, Infoseek, Computer Associates, and Quantum to name a few.

The Fall Tech Rally

n November of 1998, Jupiter and Mercury stationed at 18 Pisces and 18 Sagittarius, respectively. This again activated the degree area, leading to an acceleration that propelled the tech sector into the number one spot for the entire year. Earnings reports came in way over estimates, as signaled by the stations of Mercury and Jupiter. Microsoft's (MSFT) earnings were up 75 percent, quite a feat for a company of that size. I was able to foresee this rally months before as reported in my monthly fax, Considerations magazine, and on Reuters TV in a May interview with Kathleen Tanzy

nside: IBM, 2nd ring Microsoft, 3rd Compaq, and 4th Oracle.
Highlghted areas are industry shared degree areas activated by the 8/11/99 eclipse.


MSFT is depicted at left. At the time of the fourth-quarter earnings release, Jupiter passed over the Sun at 23 Pisces in fourth harmonic to Mars and Uranus at 22 Sagittarius.

But Jupiter was not the whole story. Note that Uranus was directly on the 12 Aquarius midheaven at the time of the earnings release, with the January 31 lunar eclipse on the IC only weeks away. If this were the natal chart of a person who was about to make an announcement, what type of news would you expect? Positive news was indicated by the chart.

Below: MS First Trade. 3/13/1986

In November of 1998, Jupiter and  Mercury stationed at 18 Pisces  and 18 Sagittarius, respectively

Wall Street research demonstrates that stocks make big moves when earnings releases are more than one standard deviation from the mean of estimates that are posted by analysts. Graph 3 shows the strong 4th-quarter move up in MSFT. (This is a chart of MSFT's price relative to that of the S&P 500. A rising line means that MSFT was performing better than the average stock.)

Note the peak on the day of the January 31 lunar eclipse on the IC opposite Uranus on the MC. The stock fell until the day that Mars squared the eclipse degree in February. MSFT then rallied into the day of the Saturn-Neptune square on the 6th which contacted the sensitive mutable degree area by 45 and 135-degree angles. The entire tech sector, especially the internets, fell sharply. Note how the moves were all described by contacts to the two sensitive degree areas- 18 mutable and 11 fixed.

Graph 3

Microsoft shows 4th quarter move up.

A Look at the December Jupiter Station of 1999

Let us apply this approach to the Jupiter station in December of 1999. The health care group did relatively poorly earlier in 1999, after many years of fine price appreciation. The majority of the 30 stocks in this sector have planets in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, so many of these shares were afflicted by the configurations in those degrees in the spring and summer of 1999. But, a Market Trader computerized scan also reveals that the single degree that is most heavily occupied by planets is the 27th degree of cardinal signs. On December 20,1999 Jupiter will turn direct at 25 Aries. This degree area has already been energized by last June's Mars station at 24 Libra and Jupiter's earlier direct passage last spring, and the slow opposition of these two in June and July. Health care stocks fell until Mars and Jupiter hit the late Aries degrees. So we have a good indication that the December Jupiter station will lift health care stocks with compatible planets at these degrees.