by Bill Meridan

In June I ran a technical and fundamental screen of NASDAQ stocks. One stock that passed as a potential purchase candidate was Conmed (CNMD). Fortunately, the stock did not pass the scan.

A search of aspects to 10 Cancer showed that the stock's Mercury was conjunct that point — the degree of the July 1 eclipse. This suggested that there would be an announcement that would be more powerful or significant than usual. And, July is the month in which the company announces earnings.

The scan was an alert to look more closely at the horoscope. Because an announcement would relate to public image, the midheaven is important, especially in regard to public opinion about the stock. Notice that Pluto was going to station opposite the MC in the next month, August. This suggested news of a powerful and adverse sort (Mercury-Pluto).

   Inside: Conmed (7/28/87)
   Outside Pluto Station 8/20/2000 10:07 PM EDT
CNMD announced a serious shortfall in earnings of about 30 cents versus expectations of about 50 cents. The graph shows the subsequent collapse in the share price. The portfolio was spared this hit. •••