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By Bill Meridian June 1, 2014
(This article appeared on the website of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency)

The January 4, 2011 solar eclipse at 13 Capricorn cast a shadow through North Africa and the Middle East. Eclipse horoscopes and the areas that they darken can be activated by future transits. This eclipse had an immediate effect; demonstrations in Syria began on January 26th. The governments in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya fell. The 2011 eclipse was more significant for this area than most eclipses because it was part of the same Saros series of eclipses as the 1956 Suez Crisis eclipse, number 151.

Eclipses that occur 54+ years apart are visible from the same part of the earth. This occurs because eclipse paths within the same Saros Cycle have shadows that move 120 degrees on the globe. An eclipse in the same Saros Cycle occurs once every 18 plus years, and three times 18 is 54 and three times 120 degrees brings the eclipse path back to where it was visible 54+ years earlier. The prior December 2, 1956 path occurred during the Suez Crisis when England, France, and Israel invaded Egypt in order to re-open the Suez Canal. Thus, the occurrence of the 2011 eclipse in series 151 reawakens the issue of foreign intervention in the Middle East as reflected during the 1956 eclipse.

The 2011 eclipse also reactivated another significant path simply because is darkened the same area (no Saros relation). The 2011 eclipse crossed the same lands that were shadowed by the May 17, 1882 path that coincided with the rise of the Mahdi against the British and the Egyptians in that year. The path stretches from North Africa through China, and whenever this eclipse horoscope activates, there are Moslem uprisings in the western provinces of China.

There are some other interesting connections that deserve mention. That same 1956 eclipse occurred in the year of the birth of Ahmadinejad, so he is connected to this area. Such an eclipse path denotes an area of interest to the person. Just as the 1956 path describes an area of influence for Ahmadinejad, the 1882 eclipse was the birth eclipse of General Rodolfo Graziani, the Italian who subsequently commanded Italy's 1930s invasion of North Africa. (This character was played by the late Oliver Reed in the movie, Lion of the Desert).

Whenever the 2011 eclipse horoscope is activated, we can expect activity along the eclipse path on the earth. The Uranus-Pluto squares of May 20, 2013 (11 cardinal 14) and April 21, 2014 (13 cardinal 34) will hit the 2011 eclipse degree at 13 Capricorn 38 more closely, so we can expect major disruptions at those times.

Having lived in the Middle East for 14 years, I looked upon the changes in Egypt with caution. I expected the more radical elements to seize control in Cairo and that this government would not be friendly to Israel. Astrology provides support, beginning with the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty of March 26, 1979. This agreement gave Israel official recognition by Egypt. The Sun is at 5 Aries, close enough to Uranus-Pluto to cause concern. The natal chart has a Mars-Neptune square, an indicator of deception. The progressed chart has Mars opposite Pluto from 17 Aries to 17 Libra 16, a close orb. The chart is an indicator of great stress between the countries.

Turning to an ACG map for the Mideast, we see hits from a number of different charts. The January 2011 eclipse was on the MC of Baghdad and Saturn was on the descendant. The Mars-MC line ran through Tehran. The May 20th, 2012 solar eclipse shows the following lines in the Mideast: Saturn on the descendant at Tehran and Pluto on the MC at Baghdad.

Let us consider Iran. The crisis began when solar eclipses in 2005-2006 were opposite and conjunct the Sun in the horoscope set for the Islamic People's Republic on April 1, 1979. In late November, Jupiter transits over the progressed MC. The late November 28th lunar eclipse is exactly conjunct the Moon with and orb of 0 degrees and minutes. These appear to be positive contacts for Iran, so it appears that events favor Tehran right now. The year 2013 is much more difficult because Saturn will be on the IC all year likely reflecting an unhappy population. They will grow even wearier of economic deprivation. The key is the month of May 2013, when transiting Uranus will be on the natal Sun squared by transiting Pluto.

This difficult spring is reflected in the horoscope of President Ahmadinejad (October 28, 1956). There is a lunar eclipse on April 25, 2013 at 6 Scorpio conjunct transiting Saturn at 8 Scorpio. This eclipse-Saturn is conjunct the President's Sun at 5 Scorpio and squares his Uranus at 7 Leo. I have found that Saturn-Uranus is usually energized when there is a major fall or reversal. The horoscope set for the first USA-Iran treaty (December 13, 1856) has a Mars- (5 Aquarius) Pluto (4 Taurus) square. This violent square will also be energized. The November 2012 lunar eclipse also fell on the 6 Gemini Sun of the chart set for the first discovery of oil in Persia on May 26, 1908. This eclipse on the solar return of this chart indicates a significant year for the oil industry, perhaps a disruption. This would likely be caused by war or by a blockade.

The major contact to Israel's chart is the November 14 solar eclipse at 22 Scorpio; it opposes the natal Sun at 24 Taurus, the Uranian planet Kronos at 22 Taurus and square Zeus at 22 Leo. According to eclipse rules, this is unfavorable. Such an eclipse typically reduces one in stature and in power. The May 2013 solar eclipse conjunct the Sun will have the opposite effect. Note that this is the same sequence of hits that Iran experienced in 2005-2006. The first eclipse brought opposition to their nuclear program; the second eclipse was conjunct the Sun and Iran stood fast against world opinion. The first eclipse tells us that it is unlikely that Israel will be able to muster more support in their conflict with Iran. However, they will likely fare much better when the May eclipse falls near their national Sun.

An eclipse opposite the Sun can sometimes herald a change in leadership. In order to gain more information, we turn to the chart of Bebe Netanyahu (October 21, 1949 at 10:30 am in Tel Aviv). One look at this chart explains much. He was born with 4 planets including the Sun and Moon plus 2 asteroids and the south Node in Libra. Saturn has been transiting these planets for over 2 years so this planet's entrance into Scorpio in October will be a welcome relief. Saturn moved right over his Sun on September 14th.

The summary: planetary tides did not favor Israel in the autumn, but the spring appears much better. The reverse is true for Iran. The Uranus-Pluto square on the Iranian and the 2011 eclipse Sun in May of 2012 will be the most dangerous period in the Gulf, the period when Iran is most vulnerable to attack. The same configurations are unfavorable for Syria and President Assad, subject for a future article.


This graphic is from Cosmic Patterns Sirius program. It depicts all three eclipse paths. Total eclipses have paths of totlaity in which 100% of the light is cut off. The eclipses that are not total have paths of maximum shadow.


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